NESCAI 2010: The Fourth North East Student Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence


Registration will be open until March 25th, after which no registrations will be accepted. However, we cannot guarantee housing after March 19th. The conference will cost $50 for students requiring housing and $25 for UMass students and others with local accomodations. If you are a UMass student but require a hotel room for the conference, please e-mail


Attendees do NOT book their own hotel room. This will be done automatically after registration. All registered attendees will be notified of their hotel booking after registering. If you have any questions regarding your hotel room, please contact the Program Committee (

To help keep conference costs down, all conference attendees will share a room with two double beds with another conference attendee of the same gender. This has been done in all past NESCAI conferences, and has worked well. You will be able to request a particular roommate on the registration form. If both people request each other, then they will be assigned a room together. Otherwise, a random roommate will be assigned. If you have a significant problem with this setup, please contact the Program Committee. Non-attendees (such as family members) will not be given a hotel room, and are not allowed to stay with the attendee except in extreme circumstances.

All attendees who do not specify roommate preferences will find out who their roommates are when they check in to the hotel on April 16th.

Payment Options

Credit card, cash and check will be accepted on the registration site.