NESCAI 2010: The Fourth North East Student Colloquium on Artificial Intelligence


Posters may be up to 3 feet wide by 4 feet high. The papers below are in no particular order.

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Poster Session 1

6:00pm onwards, Friday April 16
10th Floor Concourse, Campus Center

Cosmin Paduraru, Mahdi Milani Fard and Doina Precup.
Measures of Uncertainty for Policy Evaluation
Hee-Tae Jung, Shichao Ou and Roderic Grupen.
Behavioral Knowledge Transfer Among Heterogeneous Robots
Byron Wallace, Kevin Small, Carla Brodley and Thomas Trikalinos.
Active Learning for Biomedical Citation Screening
Pallika Kanani, Andrew McCallum and Shaohan Hu.
Resource-bounded Information Extraction: Acquiring Missing Feature Values On Demand
Jonathan Huang and Carlos Guestrin.
Title not available since under blind review
Ruben Sipos.
Learning triples abstraction from text
Scott Kuindersma.
Control Model Learning for Whole-Body Mobile Manipulation
Ruogu Fang, Kevin Tang, Noah Snavely and Tsuhan Chen
Ancestry Tracer: Towards Kinship Verification Using Facial Images
Joao Graca, Kuzman Ganchev, Ben Taskar, Fernando Pereira and Luisa Coheur.
Title not available since under blind review
Elif Yamangil.
Title not available since under blind review
Jennifer Gillenwater, Kuzman Ganchev, João Graça, Ben Taskar and Fernando Pereira.
Title not available since under blind review
Charles Bergeron, Gregory Moore, Jed Zaretzki, Tao-wei Huang, Curt M. Breneman and Kristin P. Bennett.
A linear-time solver for nonsmooth nonconvex mathematical programs: Application to large-scale drug design
Charles Greenbacker.
Expressibility and Reversible Natural Language Processing
Paramveer Dhillon, Partha Pratim Talukdar and Koby Crammer.
Inference Driven Metric Learning for Graph Construction
Finale Doshi-velez.
Infinite Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Joshua Auerbach and Josh C. Bongard.
Scalable Evolution of Robot Morphology
Koby Crammer, Mark Dredze and Alex Kulesza.
Adaptive Regularization of Weight Vectors
David Weiss and Ben Taskar.
Structured Prediction Cascades
Varun Aggarwala and Lyle Ungar.
State estimation using Multi-view Regression
Ross Messing, Chris Pal and Henry Kautz.
Activity recognition using the velocity histories of tracked keypoints
Daniel Ricketts, Aparna Das and Claire Mathieu.
Maximizing profit using recommender systems
Anqi Xu, Junaed Sattar, Gregory Dudek and Gabriel Charette.
Graphical State-Space Programmability as a Natural Interface for Robotic Control
Richard Burns.
Visual and Spatial Factors in Graph Cognition
Jordan Frank, Shie Mannor and Doina Precup.
Title not available since under blind review
Marc Maier, Brian Taylor, Huseyin Oktay and David Jensen.
Learning causal models of relational domains
Nikos Karampatziakis and Dexter Kozen.
Learning Prediction Suffix Trees with Winnow
Gheorghe Comanici and Doina Precup.
Optimal Policy Switching Algorithms for Reinforcement Learning
Kevin Regan and Craig Boutilier.
Robust Policy Computation in Reward-uncertain MDPs using Nondominated Policies
Jason Naradowsky, Hanna Wallach and David Smith.
Topic Modeling from Noisy Documents for OCR Correction
Sean Gerrish and David Blei.
Title not available since under blind review
Michael Wick, Khashayar Rohanimanesh, Sameer Singh and Andrew McCallum.
Training Factor Graphs with Reinforcement Learning for Efficient MAP Inference
Sven Seuken, David C. Parkes and Kamal Jain.
Hidden Market Design
Vikas Bhardwaj and Ramaswamy Devarajan.
Probabilistic User Modeling in the Presence of Drifting Concepts
Gregory Druck and Andrew McCallum.
Title not available since under blind review

Poster Session 2

6:30pm onwards, Saturday April 17
1st Floor Concourse (near room 101), Campus Center

Niranjan Balasubramanian, Michael Bendersky and James Allan.
Cost-Effective Combination of Multiple Rankers: Learning When Not To Query
Elif Aktolga, James Allan and David A. Smith.
Passage Reranking for Question Answering Using Syntactic Structures and Answer Types
Heather Pon-Barry.
Assessing Self-awareness and Transparency when Classifying a Speaker's Level of Certainty
Vasumathi Raman.
Strategic Use of Time Pressure in Speed Chess
Vinodkumar Prabhakaran.
Title not available since under blind review
Daniel Tarlow, Inmar Givoni and Richard Zemel.
HOP-MAP: Efficient Message Passing with High Order Potentials
Lisa Morkowchuk, Alison Kennicutt, Michael Krein, Charles Bergeron, Curt M. Breneman and James Kilduff.
Modeling waste water treatment efficacy
Warren Schudy.
Title not available since under blind review
David G. Cooper, Kasia Muldner, Ivon Arroyo, Beverly Park Woolf and Winslow Burleson.
Feature Ranking for Emotion Models used in Classroom Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Marc Cartright, James Allan and Andrew McGregor.
Massive Query Expansion without the Computational Cost
Rebecca Mason and Roberto Manduchi.
Haptic Modeling for the Blind using the Novint Falcon
Micha Elsner and Eugene Charniak.
The Same-head Heuristic for Coreference
Apoorv Agarwal, Fadi Biadsy and Kathleen R. McKeown.
Contextual Phrase-Level Polarity Analysis using Lexical Affect Scoring  and Syntactic N-grams
Dimitrios Antos.
Exploring the role of emotions in AI decision-making
Christian Muise, Sheila McIlraith, Jorge Baier and Michael Reimer.
Exploiting N-gram Analysis to Predict Operator Sequences
Roman Klinger.
Multi-Objective Optimization for User’s Choice of Precision and Recall in Named Entity Recognition
Chongjie Zhang and Victor Lesser.
Multi-Agent Learning with Policy Prediction
Kun Tu and Hava Siegelmann.
Memory Model for Text Reasoning
Chongjie Zhang, Sherief Abdullah and Victor Lesser.
Integrating Organizational Control into Multi-Agent Learning
Daniel Peebles, Hong Lu, Nicholas Lane, Tanzeem Choudhury and Andrew Campbell.
Community-Guided Learning: Robust Learning from Low-Commitment User-Provided Data
Jangwon Seo, W. Bruce Croft and David A. Smith.
Forum Search Using Thread Structures
Ainur Yessenalina, Yejin Choi and Claire Cardie.
Title not available since under blind review
Jordan Berg, Amy Greenwald, Eric Sodomka and Victor Naroditskiy.
An Approach to Bidding in Ad Auctions
Mu Lin and Tanzeem Choudhury.
Title not available since under blind review
Shaomei Wu.
Sociable Devices: Promoting People’s Emotional Attachment to Their Personal Electronics
Michael Wick, Khashayar Rohanimanesh, Aron Culotta and Andrew McCallum.
SampleRank: Training Factor Graphs with Atomic Gradients
Henry Feild, James Allan and Rosie Jones.
Predicting Searcher Frustration
Eric Sodomka and Amy Greenwald.
Design and Analysis of Decision Processes for Autonomous Supply Chain Management
Andrew Stout.
Competence Progress Intrinsic Motivation
Yuxiao Hu and Hector Levesque.
Reasoning about Plan Correctness for One-Dimensional Problems
Gregory Moore, Charles Bergeron and Kristin Bennett.
Primal model selection algorithms for models with many hyperparameters
Robert West, Joelle Pineau and Doina Precup.
Wikispeedia: An Online Game for Inferring Semantic Distances between Concepts